Fantastic! I’ve only been going a short time and I am already feeling better. Dr. Sue is awesome! Her warm, friendly nature and her ability to communicate with her patients is second to none. The office staff is amazing. They are helpful, knowledgeable and above all, professional. The office is spotless and a relaxing place to be.
— Thomas R.
I have nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Sue and her staff. The service is excellent and the office remains peaceful and tranquil. Dr. Sue brought me to a place of health and wellness.
— Anne G.
Dr. Sue and her team are so warm and inviting. They make sure you are comfortable as well as informed about your treatment, how it works, and how it is individualized for your body. The office has a cozy homelike feel instead of the sterile factory feel of some offices. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested.
— Leslie R.
This is where change begins! Very thankful for this wonderful family!!
— Dan Q.
Dr. Sue is amazing! I send all of my clients her way and I am also a patient. The center is a place for healing, it’s my happy place and I love the educational workshops too. It is one of the best places in our community to learn about nutrition and receiver chiropractic care!
— Danielle B.
Caring Hands is much more than chiropractic care. It is a holistic approach to healing and wellness. I began seeing Dr. Sue in July 2016 as an emergency as I had severe pain in the lower back, groin and hip. After the first visit I found comfort and relief. Dr. Sue and her amazing staff, create a friendly, warm and serene environment. Dr. Sue is well educated in her field and is a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal. Through her nutrition program along with chiropractic care the results have been amazing. Dr. Sue is an excellent doctor who not only treats the pain, but the whole person. She is so gentle, calm and caring in her approach. I look forward to my visits as they are an oasis...a time to reconnect body, mind and soul! Each time I leave feeling refreshed and better than when I first walked in. I highly recommend anyone who thinks they cant be helped, or there is no hope...you just haven’t experienced Caring Hands!!!
— Christine P.
Receiving chiropractic care at Caring Hands Wellness center by Dr. Sue has been a life changing experience for me. After a visit I am much calmer and relaxed and I see a definite difference in how I feel when I go regularly. Dr. Sue’s chiropractic adjustments are gentle yet effective. I can see a definite change in how I response to stress and anxiety since I have started my treatment with her.
— Diane H.
Dr. Sue is a life saver. If you are looking to improve your mental and physical health, she’s the one for you! Highly recommend her and her practice...everyone at the office is always super friendly and helpful. So happy I have them in my life.
— Karen N.
Dr. Sue is a doctor who is truly involved in your care from week to week rather than a doctor you go to just when you aren’t well and then never follows up with you again. She has a desire to help you pinpoint the underlying causes of your symptoms, not just treat symptoms. She’s interested in educating you to be able to take control of the areas of your life that plague you; and not just your physical well being but the other parts that make up the whole of who you are as a person. Her staff is helpful, friendly and just as interested in your well being - being nutrition students themselves. I’ve seen a huge difference in my mental state, energy kevel and physical appearance since following her recommendations. The other thing that impresses me the most is her open heart to all who come, with no judging or pressure. She and her staff truly walk the talk.
— Jill T.