Jill Trask Quagliata

"Dr. Sue is a doctor who is truly involved in your care from week to week rather than a doctor you go to just when you aren't well and then never follows up with you again. She has a desire to help you pinpoint the underlying causes of your symptoms, not just treat symptoms. She's interested in educating you to be able to take control of the areas of your life that plague you; and just your physical well being but the other parts that make up the whole of who you are as a person. Her staff is helpful, friendly and just as interested in your well being - being nutrition students themselves. I've seen a huge difference in my mental state, energy level and physical appearance since following her recommendations. The other thing that impresses me the most is her open heart to all whole come, with no judging or pressure. She and her staff truly walk the talk."

Janelle Hoffman

"But she seems fine". "That's what so many people would tell me about my 4 year old daughter. However, my maternal instincts said otherwise. I couldn't figure out why my daughter was constantly sick, always run down and just not able to keep pace with her peers. I brought my daughter, Sophia, to Dr. Sue with a heavy heart and a guilty conscience. What was I doing wrong that I couldn't seem to keep my daughter well? During my first visit, I was immediately impressed by Dr. Sue...'s knowledge and confidence in the body's ability to heal itself when given the proper food and supplements. After she evaluated Sophia, we immediately began a nutrition program and I have to say I was amazed at the results. Within a matter of 2 weeks - a stronger, healthier and more energized little girl emerged. Even my very skeptical husband could not deny the results in front of him! Dr. Sue, you were certainly put on this Earth to HEAL and I am so grateful that both me and Sophia (AND the rest of my family) are blessed enough to be treated by you!!! As always, THANK YOU!!!"

Karltia reyes


Diane Calimopulos


Daniel Quagliata

"Dr. Sue is phenomenal! I suffered from scoliosis for over 10 yrs. Had excruciating pain throughout my pregnancy and the beginning years of my daughter. I suffered so much carrying my little girl and putting her to sleep. The pain made me suffer from insomnia and then I began to suffer from migraines. Since I started chiropractic care, I found relief. I sleep better and I haven't had a migraine. I never knew that all these issues could have been connected to my scoliosis. Dr. Sue didnt only just provide chiropractic care but she educated me as too how these issues may have been related. She sincerely enjoys helping her patients and I would highly recommend everyone to go to Caring Hands."

"There are so many good things I can say about this office, from the knowledgeable, lovely & friendly staff to the "caring hands" of Dr Sue. It truly is a mind, body and soul experience.
Initially being skeptical I went in with an open mind. And thank goodness I did, from my very first adjustment I was floored. With Dr. Sue's gentle care, a chronic pain in my lower back that had plagued me for years, since the birth of my youngest, was suddenly eased. Dr Sue reassured me this was a work in progress, that with proper care and nutrition my body will begin to heal itself. And it certainly has begun. I can see the difference, in so many ways especially when I am working out. I feel stronger and am able to lift heavier and endure more.
If I could say one thing about my experience it would be
Everyone should have Dr. Sue in their lives!
Thank you for making a difference in this crazy world and truly caring about your patients. Keep doing what you do so well, you're remarkable!"

"As someone who has been traditionally "doctor-averse," I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about engaging with this practice.  My wife and on took the plunge before I did and the results I've gotten to observe firsthand are undeniable. As someone who has been engaged for just over a week, I surprise even myself when I say that I haven't felt as good or as HOPEFUL as I do right now in well over a decade.  Dr. Sue and her staff are kind, considerate, and genuinely care for each of their patients.  Let's face it, none of us wants to "hang around" the office after a doctors visit.  Visit Caring Hands, they're turning the tides when it comes to visiting the doc's office.  I couldn't be happier."